1934e Gwefan Cymru-Catalonia - index to pages on Welsh surnames in the website. Evans, Jones, Williams, Vaughan, Bowen, Pritchard, Morgan, Llywely, ap Madog, Davies / Davis, Howells, Owen, Owens, Morris, Lewis, Bedward, Walter, Watkin, Hopkin, Jenkin, Salisbury, Rhydderch, Lloyd, etc



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Gwefan Cymru-Catalonia
La Web de Gal
·les i Catalunya
The Wales-Catalonia Website



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 0866k Y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg  

  1933c Aquesta pàgina en català –  “cognoms”



1 0180c (in Catalan) Història i explicació dels cognoms gal·lesos / a history and explanation of Welsh surnames

 2 0181e Origin of the surname 'HUGHES' in Wales

3 0476e Portions of an 1892 article on Welsh surnames

4 2523e The surname BEVAN


 LINKS TO OTHER SITES (links probably no longer valid - last checked in 2000, six years ago):


erthÿgl yn Saesneg am gyfenwau / article in English on Welsh surnames


http://members.tripod.com/~JohnWms/ Cymru a'r Byd - Wales and the World

mae yma adran ar gyfenwau Cymréig / includes a section on Welsh surnames


http://home.on.rogers.wave.ca/bozzy/index.html Julie's Welsh surnames list -

enwau o hen gofrestrau - names from old registers



rhestr o enwau Cymráeg - eu hanner wedi ei ddyfeisio gan y boi wnaeth y tudalen 'ma, neu wedi eu copïo'n anghywir

lists of Welsh names - but many seem to be inventions of the author (I've never heard of any of them in all my life!) - many incorrectly copied or typed


http://clanhuston.com/name/surnames.htm Surnames - What's in a name?


"This is the official Corgi-L Home Page, and it is devoted to two enchanted, funny, thoroughly endearing dog breeds: the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi."

http://corgi.ncn.com/~corgi/names.htm "Dixie Davis's list of Welsh names. If you want to give your Corgi an authentic Welsh name, you've come to the right place!
These names were submitted to Corgi-L by Dixie Davis; (m) is a male name, (f) is a female name, (e) is a suitable name for either gender
Caledfryn (m) hard hill (a good name for an in-the-way Corgi)
Caradog, Cradog (m) 1st cent. leader of the Britons against the Romans"


 http://ftp.cac.psu.edu/pub/genealogy/roots-l/genealog/genealog.wales "Digging up your roots in Wales" Yn Saesneg / in English)

sylweadau ar gyfenwau yng nghorff y tudalen / some comments on Welsh surnames





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